TSA focuses on development to bring maximum benefits to customers: For customers who do not have time to follow the market, this is a solution to bring effective investment in the derivatives market.

Entrusted trading management is a service focused on developing by TSA to bring maximum benefits to customers:

Helping customers who do not have time to follow the market and still be able to invest effectively in the derivatives market;

Working with well-trained and in-depth investment consultants who have many years of practical experience in the commodity and stock trading market... Bringing opportunities to investors who do not have much experience;

Using proviso:

– Funds: Cash (from 1 billion VND or more);

– Time: By agreement (No more than 1 year).

Characteristic advantages:

– Transparent:
The customer directly owns and monitors the trading, providing periodic and on-demand reports;

– Safe:
Management according to investment philosophy based on corporate values, standard and strict risk management system.

Using TSA's trading management trust service offers effective investment opportunities and is the best choice for investors.

Quest: Is there a fee for investment consulting services?

Answer: TSA provides investment consulting services free of charge, committed to ensuring service quality for customers.