Investment consulting is a financial service through analyzing data, market fluctuations from the market analysis department at TSA, sharing useful advices on investment as well as providing investment advice to customers. as a number of other services related in the process of participating in transactions in the market (Law, commodity market, investment experience, security ..).

In order to meet the needs and desires of supporting and helping investors to have successful investment strategies in the commodity market, TSA provides investors with derivatives investment consulting services with a team of consultants are trained according to a methodical commodity derivative investment avising process.

Up side:

– Investors choose information for better account management
Most of the investors involved in the commodity trading market have little experience in capturing market information. TSA will provide timely market movements, portfolio management, to notify you when commodities rise or fall, and when to buy or sell commodities.

– Limiting risks when trading
From the information provided from TSA, investors have more knowledge about the market, timely and fully grasp the fluctuations of the market. From there, gradually accumulate investment experience as well as basic judgment about the market and can confidently win in the derivatives market.

– Investors can save time
Not all investors have the time to regularly update news as well as in-depth research on market fluctuations, making it difficult to make investment decisions and the efficiency is not high. Therefore, TSA provides investment advice to help investors save time in monitoring and searching for information to perform daily tasks.

Question: Is there a fee for investment consulting services?

Answer: TSA provides investment consulting services free of charge, committed to ensuring service quality for customers.